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Client Testimonials

You can make lasting change in these people's lives by sponsoring them to attend Project Walk Claremont. Start improving someone's life today.

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Jennifer was injured in 2008 in a sledding accident. Jennifer's hard work at The Perfect Step has paid off--she recently was able to walk across the stage at her USC graduation in May of 2016.  Help Jennifer to reach her next goal of standing independently.

Jared 1.png


Jared enjoyed a normal child hood and always loved to play soccer with his friends.  Recently Jared contracted a neurological disorder, transverse myelitis, that has attacked his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed.  Help Jared to say on his path to recovery at The Perfect Step.

Chris trike trail.jpg

Chris Seibel

Chris was injured in November 2009 in a sand buggy accident. "The donors are a huge blessing to us who struggle daily with the simplest of things that the world doesn’t know or see. The donors are changing lives in and powerful way and god see‘s how they continue to give us something without even truly knowing us."  



Elizabeth was in a motor vehicle against pedestrian accident. Resulting in an incomplete spinal cord injury and a knee disarticulation amputation.

John Surina

John Surina

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 3:15 A.M. John woke up thinking he was late for work.  After John figured out he wasn’t going to work,  John then decided to go downstairs, where there he mis-stepped causing him to go into a head first slide. John was then rushed to the hospital only to be diagnosed as a incomplete C-5, quadriplegic.


Andy is more than 10 years post injury after suffering a traumatic brain injury from an unfortunate skateboarding accident. Help Andy to say on his path to recovery at The Perfect Step.


Kareem Taylor

“Thank you and your organization for providing me with this blissful gift. It was truly need it and I was nowhere near being able to do it on my own. So, on behalf of me and my family, we love to say thank you to the Be Perfect Foundation and thank you Jill for making this thing happen!”



Christian was enjoying a day at the beach with his girlfriend when he decided to take a plunge in the ocean. He did not realize that he was diving into a shallow area.

Christmas 2016.jpg


Steve sustained a spinal cord injury in a 2010 biking accident.  Steve and his family are so grateful for the support they've received over the years.  Without it, Steve would not be able to afford to workout with his beloved trainers at The Perfect Step


Injured in July 2012, John is it T-12 level injury that is making tremendous progress.  Johnwent to sit on his balcony railing around 8:00 am to read the paper and sat too far back on it and lost his balance and fell over. The fall was 3 stories up and John landed on his breaking his T12 vertebrae.


Earlasha Williams

Two short months after giving birth to my daughter, a massive tumor was discovered growing inside of my spinal cord.  By the grace of God and my tireless efforts, I have advanced from quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck down) to hemiplegic (paralyzed/severe weakness on one side). 


Jose Castro

José Castro was injured in an off-roading Jeep accident in 2014. He was left paralyzed from the neck down and is a C1-C4 spinal cord injury. With limited neck mobility and being confined to a ventilator, Jose maintains hope regardless of circumstance because of supporters of Be Perfect.



Jason injured his C4 and C5 vertebrae and his spinal cord in a diving accident.  Jason has made huge strides over the years at The Perfect Step His motivation?  He wants to be the best dad he can be for his son Jayden.


Brandon was in a snowboarding accident going off a jump and broke his C5 instantly. He was flown to the hospital and had a Halo put on for 3 months. Brandon's assistance that he has received through Be Perfect has allowed him to get up and out of his chair permanently as he continues to make strides in daily towards an independent lifestyle.



After falling from a 3 story balcony and sustaining and T9- L1 spinal injury, I have regained hope again! I am very grateful to all of you, thanks to you me and many other people that were helped by BPF are able to continue with our recovery.


Jon Keimach

Jon was injured at the age of 14 in August 2001, after he crashed his dirtbike into a tree at Lake Arrowhead. Jon is continuing to regain strength throughout his body because of his scholarship to The Perfect Step from The Be Perfect Foundation.